Jury Committee

Jury Committee


Jinzhen International Short Film Association Awards

The Grand Prix of the festival is solely dedicated to films selected by the members of the Association, an organisation brought to life in order to facilitate understanding, cooperation and distribution of short film world wide. All 25 members have been asked to select three to five films from the past two years that were outstanding in their own way. Films that have won prizes at their own festival, films that have been missed or simply films that have not really received the exposure they deserve. A competition of Masters among Masters.

International Competition

For the first edition the festival has selected an exclusive number of the incredible amount of works submitted. 58 films will compete for the Golden, Silver and Bronze statuette of Jinzhen and the sizeable amount of 60,000 ¥ in various categories.

Silk Road

The Silk Road stands for many centuries of trade and culture between the East and the West. But it also symbolises progress, future and strength. The festival is proud to present this series for it’s audience. All films have been carefully selected and the focus lays on the those areas affected by this tradition.

National Competition:

The Associations’ vice President Mr Heinz Hermanns, Interfilm Berlin, with many years of experience in China has brought together Chinese films from all over the country. A competition of 4 programmes, a selection of the best films from the last two years China has to offer.

Chinese Student Competition:

A large number of films from students are represented in the festival. For young filmmakers the festival opens a window to the world and what often is a first meeting place for young talent to meet colleagues from both the national and international film community.

In the future we hope to intensify our cooperation with Film- and Art Schools in the country.

Children’s Film Competition

For the young audience the selecting committee has brought together a number of films. The specially composed children’s jury will themselves pick their favourite films.

Youth Film Competition

Young people from various cities in China will come to the festival to be part of the unique Hancheng experience in the Youth jury. Films


This series is dedicated to Tourism films. Captivating imagery from exotic places of this planet. Places to visit when to occasion comes up or simply to dream to… The series also aims to bring together Tourist agencies, Travel agencies and those working in the tourism departments in China and abroad.

72-Hour-Film Competition

A challenging event for a select number of filmmakers specially invited from close and afar. The idea is to write, plan, shoot and premier an up to 10 min short film within a timespan of 72 hours. 10 film teams from abroad and as many from China are invited and make their contribution into positioning Hancheng the Future City of Short Film.

Drone Competition

Areal shooting has now come within the reach of everyman. This competitive series aim to reach professionals and students . The results can be seen by an interested audience and help to improving amateurs learning how to use drones in better movies for the cell phone..

Audience Awards:

The festival offers the audience to vote for their favourite films from all categories in all competitive sections. Besides the audience giving out prize money made available by the festival, from the participating


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The Organising Committee of Jinzhen International Short Film Festival

Address:New Industry Demonstration Base 2nd East Ring Road Hancheng, Shaanxi China