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The 1st Hancheng Jinzhen International Short Film Festival news conference held

        The 1st Hancheng Jinzhen International Short Film Festival news conference has been held successfully by the Hancheng municipal Party Committee Propaganda Office and The Press Office of the Hancheng Municipal People's Government in Tanglong International Hotel at 10:00 a.m. in September 7,2017.

        Hosted by Jiao Yangzhong,the director of the Hancheng municipal Party Committee Propaganda Office,the issuance meeting has invited Wang Hui,the vice mayor of the Hancheng Municipal People's Government,Guan Er,the President of Jinzhen International Short Film Association and Director of Jinzhen Internationl Short Film Festival,more than 10 the most popular netizens in Shann'xi Province,and the Jinzhen organizting committee members of the group.There were several famous news media in China attending it ,such as,CCTV,People’s Daily,the Xinhua News Agency,the China Culture Diary,China net,phoenix net,CRI Online,CCTV net,China Travel News,Shannxi Daily,SXTVS,Shannxi Travel Radio(PM91.6),China Business News,the Xi'an Evening News,Arts &Cultural News,Shannxi rural news,SANQIN DAILY,Tencent,Sohu network,Shannxi media network,western website,the Sina Net,the Netease,ITime,etc.

Short introduction about this Festival

        The first Jinzhen International Short Film Festival will be held in Hancheng from October 1 to October 8.The Grand prize presentation ceremony will also be conducted here. Jinzhen International Short Film, directed by Hancheng municipal people’s government、Chinese Culture Promotion Society(CCPS)、Jinzhen International Short Film Alliance, is the most influential International Short Film concours of the highest level and the biggest scale around the world.
        More than 12100 short films from 65 different countries were collected. There are 5 competition in this Festival: Grand Prix; International Competition, which will produce the Best Story Award、the Best Animation Award、the Best Documentary Award、the Best Experimental film Award and the Best Director Award; National Competition, which will produce the Best Chinese Short Film Award、the Best Short Film Award for college students; Children’s Competition. We also have the most Popular Award. 
        In addition to the grand opening ceremony on October 1 and Jinzhen Annual Awards Ceremony on October 8, there are also competitions such as “Hancheng in my heart”72-Hour-Film Competition、”Eagle Eye” Aerial Shooting Competition、City` Image International Tourism Film Competition、Silk Road International Short Film Week、International Short Film Market、Traveling Seminars、Master Class、Training for Actors、International Film Forum、Live Music&Film Competition、Deng Lijun movie golden melody concert、Open Air Warming up、International Food Carnival and so on.
        At the scheduled time, in addition to members of the film organizing committee、members of the jury committee、representatives of the 26 members of the alliance and 20 representatives of non-union members、nominated directors、the translation team、young volunteers of this film festival、film lovers,tourists,teams and experts of news media from all over the world, it is estimated that there will be more than 100 thousand people come to join this Festival!

        Wang Hui, vice mayor of Hancheng Municipal People's government, says that in recent years, in the tide of economic transformation, cultural tourism has become an important endogenous driving force for the sustainable development of Hancheng. We will carry out the concept of global tourism and urban construction, and continue to promote a strong cultural city. Hancheng city is a famous historical and cultural city, one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization, and also the home town of Sima Qian, the greatest historian in China. We hope that through the festival, we could attract more overseas guests to get access to Hancheng, understand Hancheng, fell in love with Hancheng, also witnessed fruitful achievements brought about the policy of the party, the perception of Hancheng culture and charm.
        The vice mayor of Hancheng, Wang Hui illustrated the urgent needs of Hancheng’s movie industry when he answered the journalist' question. He pointed out  that Hancheng is a famous city with heavy industry and solid economic and cultural foundation.
Based on Hancheng's features, Hancheng'government proposed  two  keys  on development under the leadership of the new round of officals, on the one hand, this city needs to develop emerging industries including film industry.
This city offers a unique environment with profound history and culture and  the historic architecture for local tourism.
Hancheng municipal government hopes to change the leg-behind development mode and thoughts through tourism. On the other hand, by transforming its industry, it can expand the influential effect, openness and civilization of Hancheng by developing film industry at home and abroad.

        JinZhen International Short Film association is quite influential on the global stage, proposed by Guan Er, president of  JinZhen International Short Film association and organizing committee. With the generous support of 26 national leagues and other film festivals after the forum hosted in 2016, JinZhen International Short Festival has a very good beginning to attract the numerous contribution of certain famous film producers all over the world.  At the same time, president Guan also stated that the film festival's great trends of development can not be separated from the courage of the people's Government of Han Cheng, as well as the enormous Oriental attraction of Han Cheng itself.  However, there is still a giant gap between China's short films and the international community. Besides, our attention to short films is not given enough as well.  Therefore we need to project a long-term development. In the final statement, Guan said, " A city's cultural development should start with a good seed, which is supposed to take roots and thrive prosperously to full foliage. Only in this way will peacocks and phoenix fly to rest here. Jinzhen Short Film Festival has a bright future, if it develops film competitions and other activities carefully、fairly and transparently under the guideline of the international moral rule.

The Organising Committee of Jinzhen International Short Film Festival

Address:New Industry Demonstration Base 2nd East Ring Road Hancheng, Shaanxi China