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Hancheng Jinzhen International Short Film Festival
The 1st Hancheng Jinzhen International Short Film Festival will take place in Hancheng, China from October 1st to October 8th, 2017. It is organized by the Hancheng Municipal People's Government, CCPS and Jinzhen International Short Film Association and carried out by the Jinzhen International Short Film Committee. The total prize money will be 1.2 million RMB – (roughly corresponding to EUR 153.000 and USD 180.000), an amount which makes the festival China’s best-endowed short film competition.
Hancheng Jinzhen International Short Film Association was founded during the 1st Jinzhen International Short Film Forum, which took place in Hancheng on August 11th, 2016. Its purpose is to strengthen short film culture in the Shaanxi province and China. Hancheng Jinzhen International Short Film Festival’s mission is:

to support the development of short film in China
to serve as a communication hub for filmmakers and other professionals in the short film industry
to raise public awareness of and interest in short film
to strengthen Hancheng’s cultural profile and contributing to the city’s overall development as a cultural center 
to strengthen the city’s identity and the development of its tourism industry.
Hancheng Jinzhen International Short Film Festival is dedicated to implement the cultural strategy of the Silk Road Initiative by encouraging the best short film makers from all over the world to submit films. By establishing the ancient city of Hancheng as a short film hub with international impact, we hope to enhance filmmakers’ chances of interacting with each other, to open up the mind of the Chinese people to the fantastic world of short films, and to bring international guests to Hancheng. 
The Program
12.100 short films from 65 countries were submitted to the festival. A strict selection had to be made, and a total 349 films were hand-picked by our program committee for screening.
Competitions include:
Association Competition
National Competition
International Competition
Children’s and Youth Shorts Competition
Youth Film Competition
Silk Road Shorts Competition
Audience Award Competition
You Are In My Heart: 72-Hour-Film Competition
Eagle Eye Aerial Shooting Competition
City Image International Tourism Film Competition
Several national and international jurors will select the award winners of each competition. In addition to the competition films, the festival program also includes nominated films from the European Film Academy, animated shorts from China, the outdoor short film panorama and much more. All films will be screened in the Jinzhen International Cinema Hall, three outdoor cinemas and the Hancheng Qiangsheng Sports Center.
Opening and Closing Ceremonies
The opening ceremony of the 1st Hancheng Jinzhen International Short Film Festival will take place at Hancheng’s Yudianyuan Stadium on October 1st, 2017, and the Award Ceremony will be held at Hancheng’s Qiangsheng Sports Center on October 8th, 2017.
Festival Events and Activities
The week between will see Hancheng city turn into a vibrant film hotspot. Apart from the festival’s carefully selected and highly eclectic mix of shorts, professionals are offered courses, get-togethers and panels such as a Tourism Seminar, Talkshows, the International Short Film Association Meeting as well as the International Short Film Market. On the creative curriculum are an Acting Class, Live Music & Film (Moving Image, Moving Sound) and the Denglijun Classic Theme Songs Concert. 
The International Food Carnival will take care of the culinary side of the event and treat guests to local, national and international specialties. 
Our Symbols and Colours 
Our Logo
Small fish have to jump over the „Dragon’s Gate“ in order to overcome difficulties and to become a dragon. This story is told in a long-lost Chinese book called „XinShiSanQinJi“, but the idiomatic expression „to become a dragon, you have to jump over the Dragon Gate“ is still in use today. 
In the story, the Dragon Gare is a river running through a canyon, with the cliffs on either side forming a gate. Dragon Gate is also the name of a tunnel near Hancheng, which was built to alleviate flooding. This is what makes the city a special place for us and the reason why we chose it as the site of the 1st Jinzhen International Short Film Festival. The symbol of the Dragon's Gate carries a universal message: it reminds us to keep spirits high in difficult situations and to face obstacles on the path to a goal fearlessly. It also describes a feeling probably everyone who ever undertook to make a film can relate to.
Our logo was inspired by the tale of the Dragon's Gate: despite all the obstacles filmmakers (and also festival makers!) have to overcome to bring their visions to life, we can do anything and go anywhere as long as we have dreams and believe in our hearts' power to make them come true. The dragon gate in our logo resembles a frame from a film reel, merging the traditional and the modern. Our fish are swimming in the Yellow River, the mother of all rivers. Short film, like all narrative traditions, exists in an endless flow of stories and cultural history. It is our hope that the ancient city of Hancheng by the Yellow River will become a meeting point and an inspiration for the filmmakers of the modern world.
The Meaning of Jinzheng
Jin is the Chinese word for gold and symbolizes brilliance, excellence, and permanence. Zhen means frame and refers to the smallest unit of a film. Only when successive frames are projected at a certain minimum speed, the human brain is tricked into “seeing” motion.  
The Award 
The needle-shaped gold column symbolizes justice, peace and luck, courage and exploration. The Gold column stands for Yang, the dragons stand for Yin. Together, they  mean harmony and prosperity.

The Organising Committee of Jinzhen International Short Film Festival

Address:New Industry Demonstration Base 2nd East Ring Road Hancheng, Shaanxi China